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Mainely Crafty

I’ve been a knitter for 8 years now. It feels like a lot longer but being the silly gal I am, I actually wrote down the date that I was given my first lesson, November 14th 2008, to be exact. Knitting lessons were a birthday gift from my lady-boss that year. Before knitting I was solely a cross stitcher but hadn’t done much of that in some time because I adopted my daughter in 2001 and crafting took a back seat to a toddler. Over the last few years I’ve also picked up hand sewing and English paper piecing (or EPP, made popular by the Lucy Boston method). I am fully a needle-craft crafter and I love it.

This past fall I started to fall in love with embroidery and still think I will teach myself a whole lot of different stitches this winter but I also rediscovered cross stitching. I still had a lot of my supplies but I had noticed how much the art had changed thanks to programs that assists in creating ones own patterns and in Etsy. Oh my Etsy. I think I shop more on that site than any other to be honest. So many gorgeous hand-dyed yarns to be found. And now I’ve discovered cross stitch patterns. When I first started cross stitching there was only a couple of catalogs that had supplies and a few craft supply places that had the DMC floss (thread) needed to make such projects. Well, that is if one didn’t purchase a kit (comes with a pattern and all the floss needed to complete the project.)

I decided that after I finished my Christmas knitting I was going to take some time to get back to cross stitching. I found a few pattern on Ebay that I snagged but wasn’t impressed with the resold pattern. I headed over to Etsy and WOW! So many patterns I wanted. I am totally okay with buying my own floss for projects, I had a couple of organizational boxes from years ago fully of floss so I thought I was pretty well off to start stitching again.  I found some Facebook cross stitching group and joined those. It’s been like a rabbit hole. So many fantastic ideas, patterns, and fellow stitchers. I even joined a School of Magical Stitches and Literature group that is Harry Potter themed as we read the series of stitch to different “homework assignments” over the course of the year. It’s been fun so far, even though we are only on week 2. haha. I am proudly in the Ravenclaw House.

Charity SAL for Mind by Stitchrovia

I did find myself one big project (final size will be 12½”x 16¾) I wanted to take on. It’s a series of nine inspirational quotes from Princess Diana, Stephen King, C.S. Lewis, Teddy Roosevelt, Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel, St Francis de Sales, and Oscar Wilde. It was put together by a designer who sells under the name Stitchrovia on Etsy, as a fundraiser for a mental illness awareness group in the UK. It was a stitch along (SAL) awhile back and was released one section at a time. Since it’s long over now I was able to just purchase all 9 pieces of the whole. I am experimenting a little bit and changing up some colors as the pattern has a lot of pink, well salmon to be precise, and pink just isn’t my color. Mine will have more blues and greens and hopefully look okay. It’s my first time trying to substitute. It will take me a good long time to do so in the meantime I am working on a few smaller pieces just for fun. Mostly snarky thing because they make me laugh.

Honestly, though, I love so many of her patterns I know I will be back for more along the way, like this Pride & Prejudice quote I also snagged from her. 🙂

Marshall Point Lighthouse - cross stitch

While I was waiting for my supplies for this larger piece to arrive I thought I should just stitch something to get my hands used to this craft again and knit up the solid/one color cat (below) for my daughter, who is a total cat lady, in the most fun of ways. I also found this pattern of Marshall Point Lighthouse(above) tucked away in my supplies from years ago and since I still had time until my supplies arrived I stitched that up too. So two cross stitch pieces under my belt for 2019 already. I’m excited to be back to this craft.

Stay Weird cat with antlers cross stitch

Do you craft? What are your favorite crafty projects?

Oh! And as for the title of this post… Because I always have my hands going in some crafty something or other I created a second Instagram account for just my crafty things. My name there? MainelyCrafty, of course!

Maine · Photography

Maine-ly Monday

I am both grateful and blessed to live here in Maine, especially here on the coast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad view looking out over the water or from the water back to shore (except maybe this one spot where the orange roof of a big box store sticks out like a sore thumb). The woods and mountains of Maine are just as beautiful…especially in the spring with the variety of bright green as trees blossom and in the fall with the warm shades of yellow, orange and red.

I was thinking that since I love the state of Maine so much that every Monday I would share an image of Maine… starting today, the first Monday of 2019. 🙂

Penobscot Bay from Vinalhaven - Rocky Coast Photography
The view from Vinalhaven looking over Penobscot Bay toward the Camden Hills